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Silicone and polyurethane forms for artificial stone casting, stamp forms for artificial stone, texture rollers and rocks.

We offer silicone forms, facings, concrete molds and stamp forms.The official and biggest producer of KoolForm stamp®.

KoolForm stamp pattern for quarry stones, silicone forms for concrete, forms for plaster casting, silicone forms for pavement, concrete pavement, concrete blocks.

See our website to find all about patterns and forms.

Silicone and polyurethane forms are designed for your own production of artificial stone made of plaster or concrete

as well as for wall stamping into mixtures such as flexible glues, one-layer pargeting and plaster floating.

Get to know about how to cast plaster and thus make a perfect artificial stone wall texture for a very low price.

If you want to have a cheap stone wall, you can do it yourself.

Forms /stamps/ are made of high-quality resistant material suitable for the home production of artificial stone.


Silicone forms, facings, concrete forms.

From a wide range of products you can choose what you like and thus make your dreams come true with the help of stamped facings for the lowest price. High-quality KoolForm stamp will help you save hundreds, even thousands of Euros.

Our aim is your satisfaction.

We get a lot of letters from our satisfied customers referring to our KoolForm stamp as the product which saved time and money. We appreciate those positive reactions and will try to do our best to launch new products on the market so as to satisfy the needs of even more people in future. We are here to help you.

Product delivery.

We may not always deliver the ordered products on time due to our high market appeal. However, we try to do our best for your products to be delivered as soon as possible. We do our best to satisfy your needs.